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To finance the development and production of multiple feature film projects, Transtar Entertainment Company, Inc. is offering partnership positions in various limited liability companies.  These LLC’s enable TEC to maximize cash flow and acquire interests in a greater variety and quantity of film projects.  The Company has already formed Transtar Film Partners, LLC to produce one or more feature films.

Transtar Film Partners, LLC (TFP) is a Colorado Limited Liability Company.  TFP was created as an investment vehicle to fund the development and production of feature film projects.  Transtar Entertainment Company, Inc. is the Managing Partner of TFP and will provide initial funding to begin development of feature film projects.  To finance further development and production, a number of accredited investors will be secured.  These investors will receive as much as 75% of the membership shares in Transtar Film Partners, LLC.  Additional limited liability companies will be formed as necessary to fund other film projects.

Transtar Entertainment Company has already developed an initial slate of feature film projects. These films are designed to reach a family-oriented audience, are being produced on realistic budgets and are projected to provide a fair return to the Company.  All TEC projects go through a detailed 10-Step Development Strategy that analyzes the strengths of the project, outlines its unique marketing and distribution plan and determines an appropriate production budget for the project.

In addition to developing, producing and distributing our own film projects, the TEC team offers a variety of production management services.  These include on-set management, legal support services, crew selection and hiring, payroll services, production insurance packages, packaging and distribution, production equipment packages, bulk film purchasing and post-production editing facilities and services.


Transtar Entertainment Company is a Producer of entertainment products.  The role of a Producer is to bring together and manage four key elements:  1) The Creative Package... the script, director, actors and other creative elements that make the production viable;  2) The Financing... securing investments to fund production;  3) The Production Package... hiring the crew, selecting locations and securing the equipment necessary to produce the project;  and 4) Distribution... moving the finished product into U.S. and international markets to begin the flow of revenue.  Thorough knowledge of each of these four elements is critical to being a successful Producer.


Transtar Entertainment Company is positioned in the marketplace as an independent production company.  An independent has been described as a company that finds its production financing outside of the traditional studio system.  Its product may be distributed by a studio, but the company obtains the production budget from other sources.

Our independent producer status provides TEC many unique advantages. Because of our financial and management structuring, Transtar Entertainment Company can produce films for far less than the Hollywood studios.  By maintaining our own staff, production offices and post-production facilities, TEC offers an economy-of-scale that saves on overhead and increases profitability.  And, our demanding criteria for feature film scripts, our desire to produce family-oriented entertainment, and our commitment to quality makes Transtar Entertainment a preferred independent producer.


Transtar Entertainment Company proposes to produce theatrical motion pictures with compelling storylines and realistic character development that promote positive core values.  Our film scripts are primarily family-oriented and feature persuasive, well-crafted storytelling.  We believe simply that a good story plays well in all parts of the world.

Transtar Entertainment Company intends to produce films designed to receive G, PG or PG-13 ratings by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).  Our goal is to produce quality films, with high entertainment value, that will appeal to all ages and backgrounds.  But this family-oriented philosophy has also proven to make good business sense!

In 2005, The DOVE Foundation commissioned Kagan Media Appraisals, Inc. to study the profitability and return-on-investment of the most widely distributed films released between 1989 and 2003. Their results were published in May of 2005.  Out of the roughly 3,000 films studied during this period, 52% received an R rating by the MPAA, 28% received a PG-13 rating, 16% received a PG rating, and only 4% of the films received a G rating.

R-rated films released during the study period earned an average profit of $7 million per movie while G-rated films earned an average of $79 million each.  So while the movie industry produced nearly 12 times more R-rated films than G-rated from 1989-2003, the average G-rated film produced 11 times greater profit than its R-rated counterpart.  In addition, G-rated films produced an average return-on-investment over three times greater than R-rated films.  G-rated films produced an average return of 94.5% while R-rated films produced an average return of 28.7%.


Another goal of Transtar Entertainment Company is to produce budget-driven feature films.  This term applies to the Development Strategy that is closely followed by the Company.  We first consider the genre, target audience and potential sales revenues that a film or television project can deliver, and then create a realistic production budget that fits that scenario.  Budget-driven does not, however, automatically mean low budget.  Each project is carefully evaluated and budgeted appropriately to maintain our high production standards while allowing for the maximum potential for profitability.


To meet our goal of producing high-quality and commercially successful film projects, Transtar Entertainment Company carefully follows a Ten-Step Development Strategy.  This strategy is designed to thoroughly develop the script or concept, assemble the production team, create a detailed Marketing Plan and compile the information into a comprehensive Creative Package.

Step One is to recruit an experienced and balanced producer team to develop and manage the project.  The team should have experience in both the genre of the project and the distribution model.  Step Two is to sign an option agreement on an existing film script or develop a script in-house.  This step will include working with the original writer, or hiring other writers, to polish the script and prepare it for production.  Step Three is to develop a detailed Marketing Plan which includes an analysis of the program’s market, distribution options and target audience. Appropriate distribution channels are determined and an income projection model is created. Initial public relations, advertising and marketing concepts are also developed.

Step Four is to prepare a detailed production budget based on the potential income projected in the Marketing Plan.  Step Five is to select and secure interest from a qualified director.  The director must share the vision of the producer team and have the experience to manage all aspects of the production process.  Step Six is to select and secure interest from a bankable cast or other professional talent.  A few name actors will always add value to a project, but their impact on the budget must be justified in the Marketing Plan.

Step Seven is to interview and select other key crew members, such as the production manager, director of photography, art director and editor.  Step Eight is to develop the preliminary production schedule, scout sets and locations, and arrange for all support services.  Step Nine is to assemble all the information, write the Marketing Plan, finalize the production budget and compile the details into a formal Creative Package.

Upon approval from the Transtar Entertainment Board-of-Directors, Step Ten is to begin pre-production on the project, sign contracts with cast and crew, and finalize the production schedule.


Colorado is a state of diverse locations... from big city skylines, to rolling plains, to the famous snow-capped Rocky Mountains.  But Colorado has much more to offer than just fantastic scenery.  A wide and varied infrastructure designed to support the feature film industry exists within Colorado.

A number of available sound stage facilities feature seamless cycs, screening rooms, kitchens and make-up and dressing rooms.  Full lighting and grip equipment trucks are in large supply.  Local equipment rental and sales offices provide a full complement of film and video production equipment.  And, Colorado offers skilled professionals in set design and building, props, stunts and special effects.

Colorado is also home to a number of film transfer facilities; post-production, graphics and animation houses; and many sound studios and digital audio post suites offering specialized motion picture audio features such as ADR, foley and digital mixdowns.  Special services such as paramedics with portable medical units, helicopters, animal trainers, transportation, dressing trailers, insurance and catering are also readily available in Colorado.


Transtar Entertainment Company and its associates have identified a number of feature film projects suitable for development.  The scope of available projects vary and represent a mixture of genres, target audiences and budgets.  The following are summaries of the four feature film properties which fit our criteria and have been selected for further development.

The Shepherd’s Song is a family drama celebrating Spanish culture.  This highly emotional film will be shot in beautiful Colorado and New Mexico.  The Shepherd’s Song was written by industry veteran Mark Miller and will be produced for approximately $6 million.

Last Respects is a story of brotherly conflict and second chances.  Taking place over one day in a small town in Colorado, the story tests the bond of two brothers who have traveled different paths. Last Respects has been budgeted at $4.6 million.

The Gentle Fiesta is a romantic comedy with serious overtones about a woman in mid-life crisis who decides to take an eventful “second honeymoon” to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  The Gentle Fiesta, also written by Mark Miller, has been budgeted at approximately $5.5 million.

Waltzing to Bombay, a love story on the high seas, is the story of a misguided, yet fateful, romance between two people pretending to be someone else.  Waltzing to Bombay, written by Mark Miller, will be a fun-filled, family-oriented adventure featuring exotic locations, beautiful music, dancing and a marquee-value cast.


To learn more about the investment opportunities available in Transtar Film Partners, LLC, please contact Executive Producer Doug Hanes at 303-489-1450 or email him at Doug@TranstarFilm.com.

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